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Eynatten Service E40, your custom agency

Our custom agency is specialized in the establishment of custom and excise declaration in the name of companies working in the International Trade, for export declaration as well as import declaration going to or from countries outside of the European Union. We are also managing custom, excise and VAT warehouse.


Moreover, our custom agency is :


  • Certified AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)

  • Certified as fiscal representative (796.5) for foreign companies which are not established in Belgium (only for import movement)


We are also advising companies for any request dealing with customs and excises matters.


Our company is located in Eynatten, at the german-belgian border, but we are also working on the district of EUPEN, WELKENRAEDT, VERVIERS, ST-VITH, LIEGE (HERSTAL), HUY, NAMUR, and ANTWERP.


Moreover, we have the opportunity to work in all the Belgian territory (depend on your request).

Coming from Liège:

  • Take exit 40 LICHTENBUSCH

  • Turn left onto Hebscheider Heide (over the motorway bridge)

  • Take the second road on the right

  • Continue straight for 500 meters

We are active in the customs districts of:

Eynatten: Eupen, St-Vith, German-speaking Community
Liège: Liège, Welkenraedt, Verviers, Chaineux, Thimister, Herstal, Huy, ...
Ottignies: Namur, Nivelles, Louvain-La-Neuve, ...
Flanders: Antwerp, Hasselt, Ichtegem, Ledegem, Roeselare, Aalst, Lanaken, Tongres, Saint-Nicolas, ...

Eynatten Service E40

Opening Hours


07:00 - 18:00


07:00 - 18:00


07:00 - 18:00


07:00 - 18:00


07:00 - 18:00





Eynatten Service E40

Custom agency - custom and excise declaration, fiscal representative, all custom and excise matters. German border - Eupen, Welkenraedt, St Vith, Verviers, Namur, Liege

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